Token Desk Money Back Guarantee Is A Real Game Changer


Token Desk Money Back Guarantee Is A Real Game Changer								  Token Desk Money Back Guarantee Is A Real Game Changer 0845160e421ea82c92bc086c34b1515e

Token Desk (currently live on a Beta release) is a universal hub for ICO инвестиций. At present, the platform offers users an easy to use solution for ICO investment, giving users access to buy tokens and live information with regards to popularity, special offers and expiry dates.

ICO culture is at the moment, under heavy scrutiny as a result of numerous scams that have taken place. Due to the lack of regulations within ICO launches, often, investors have very little protection or guarantee that they will receive the tokens they have purchased in the ICO.

Token Desk aims to change this.

Their platform, offers a whole host of innovative ideas, from a VIP club to assisting the ICO’s themselves with strategies, their latest addition comes in the form of a money back guarantee, should the ICO fail to pay out.

In a press release on Pressat, Token Desk have stated:

“A huge thing that has never done before in crypto world is the Token Desk money back guarantee. The team aims to develop a platform where users will be sure to receive tokens that they buy on Token Desk. In case of any ICO failing to deliver their promises, all funds that were spent buying tokens on this platform will be returned to the users.”

This, is actually a really big deal.

One of the main reasons for not investing in an ICO is of course the risk that you’ll lose a significant amount of money, for nothing. All investments carry risks, but in the case of many ICO’s that risk is amplified by the fact the company could just run off with the money, meaning инвесторов don’t receive anything in return.

Token Desk aim to not only reduce occurrences of this, but also aim to compensate those who have suffered as a result of it. I can only assume that if an ICO is set up and the company run off with the money, Token Desk have a strategy which means they can claim the money back from the company in order to compensate the disgruntled investors.

This, could eventually provide an entirely safe and risk-reduced format for ICO investment that could in turn, revitalise a system that thus far has received some real bad press.

It will be interesting to see how Token Desk aim to roll this feature out. As they are still running off a beta model, there is still work to be done before this becomes grounded in their systems, but that work seems to be making good progress.

You can see the full press release for yourself, here-


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